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Smart Grid Forum IEC Week 2023

Smart Grid Forums IEC Week

16 – 20 October 2023

Park Plaza, Amsterdam Airport

IEC standards are now essential to the efficient running of the smart grid. During this week-long event the three most critical standards; IEC 61850 for digital substations, IEC CIM for operational systems, and IEC 62443 for OT cybersecurity, will be discussed on a techno-commercial level with insights shared by pioneering utilities from their recent implementation experiences and their management approved roadmaps.

This is a great opportunity for substation, control centre, and cybersecurity teams to come together at one time under one roof, to explore the immediate and long-term opportunities of IEC 61850, IEC CIM and IEC 62443 for your infrastructure, and to get onto the same page and driving implementation activity in the same direction.

Utility CTOs will be joined by their Standardisation Leaders and their Engineering and Operations teams, providing a seamless opportunity for organisations to gather the latest intelligence, agree the most effective standardisation direction, and commit to long term investment in these crucial standards.

Chronos is presenting and will exhibit alongside our partner Microchip Technology Inc..  Call by our booth to meet Chris Farrow and Jamie Laing and discuss how resilient timing enables the energy grids of tomorrow.

Chris Farrow will discuss “Zero by Design” – Secure, Resilient & Traceable Time via IEC62443″

“Zero Trust” and “Secure by Design” are philosophies that anyone following best practice in Cyber Security will have encountered increasingly frequently over the last few years. Both describe strategies designed to promote secure thinking in terms of system design & operation – “Zero Trust” meaning don’t assume anything, authenticate/authorise every interaction and “Secure by Design” again implying assumptions can’t be made about system operational environments; at the design stage everything should be inherently engineered in the most secure way.

This talk looks at some of the guidance in IEC 62443 with respect to time and synchronisation systems, focusing on the security of sources of time available to IT & OT assets and how to minimise the risks due to intentional & unintentional interference for example jamming & spoofing of GNSS time signals.



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