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Sustainability Festival

13 September 2023, BT Adastral Park

Join Chronos at Adastral Park and online on 13 September 2023 at the BT Sustainability Festival, where we will showcase smart sensor technology that can help to drive sustainability and help achieve net-zero emissions across various industries.

Sustainability Across Industry

Hosted by BT, this event will feature experts and innovators from organisations spanning multiple sectors. From inspiring talks to exciting demonstrations, both physical and virtual attendees will have the chance to explore Adastral Park’s cutting-edge research and development.

Key Macro Trends Driving ESG & Sustainability

Understanding legislation and regulation, while investing in key technology and people is crucial in creating a sustainable future. During the BT Sustainability Festival you’ll be able to explore this topic and understand how it can impact your organisation.

Sustainable Supply Chains

No matter the sector, supply chains play a significant role in how sustainable an organisation is. Through this focus area attendees will be able to dig into how a sustainable supply chain can transform a business or organisation of of any size.

Efficient Energy and Sustainable Operations

As the global community seeks to reduce environmental impact, businesses are looking at how innovation and technology can be used to create more sustainable and energy efficient operations.

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