The International Timing & Sync Forum

7-10 November 2022, Dusseldorf, Germany

Meet the Chronos team at ITSF 2022, the largest time and synchronisation conference and exhibition in the world, showcasing solutions for 4G/5G, Finance, Broadcast, Automotive, Smart Grids, IoT, Distributed Data Centres, Transport and Defence.

We’re available to discuss sync and timing solutions on stand 2, and will be presenting the following papers:

  • GNSS as a PRTC at 15:40 in the Tutorials on 7 November
  • eLoran as an alternative timing source at 11:25 on 10 November
  • Time for Alternate PNT? Real-world results of a selection of alternate sources of the “T” to augment/back-up GNSS signals in the Poster Session 2 on 10 November

We look forward to seeing you.