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Timing Solutions for SGTech

 21-23 March 2023

Chronos is speaking and exhibiting at the Smart Grid Technical Innovation Conference & Exhibition in Amsterdam this week.

The main conference opens with a morning of plenary sessions addressing the big macro issues facing the power grid, including the Energy Transition, Geopolitical pressures, Regulatory frameworks, Cybersecurity threats, and Workforce development demands. It then breaks into 3 technical tracks providing utility-driven reviews of the latest innovation projects and grid deployments in the areas of: Digital Substations, SCADA and Control Rooms, and Utility Telecom. 40+ utilities will share their lessons learnt from recent implementations and their roadmaps for the future to support a much faster pace of renewables integration to ensure energy security.

Wednesday 22 March 10:30

Chris Farrow will participate in the Utility Telecom Technology Innovation Panel, discussing “Resilient timing: Enabling the Energy Grids of Tomorrow”.

He will cover how the transformation of energy distribution using smart grids is increasingly demanding and stretching the existing infrastructure to its limits. Now is the time to make your energy grid future proof! He will explain how precision timing and synchronisation will make your infrastructure ready for all these changes: how to manage decentralisation, adding new alternative sources of power, micro-grids, bidirectional flows, handling EVs and local energy storage. And all in a sustainable, resilient, reliable, secure and innovative way.

We’re looking forward to meeting you.

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