ViaLite Local Integrated GPS Splitter

ViaLite Local Integrated GPS Splitter

Product Information

Designed to minimise rack space, ViaLiteHD Local Integrated GPS Splitter from PPM is available with 1-4 RF over fibre receivers with 8-32 outputs depending on configuration, and only uses 1RU of rack space.

All 8-32 channels can be lossless when coupled with correct RX gain on the ViaLiteHD GPS RF over fibre receiver.

All RF over fibre cards are blind mate, which coupled with ViaLite’s long service life, ensures five nines (99.999%) reliability. The chassis has dual redundant PSUs as well as built-in SNMP control. It has been designed for easy installation in a GPS fan-out system and is ideally suited to applications where the user requires multiple GPS timing/synchronisation in one area. The chassis can be used with a direct GPS link to the roof or combined with the ViaLiteHD RF over fibre modules. It can feed multiple floors/rooms with up to 32 local GPS connections and no system loss.

The Chronos difference

Our specialist team has been designing and installing GNSS / GPS installations for critical national infrastructure for over 30 years.  Partnering with industry leading PPM Solutions, Chronos offers their full range of fibre optic solutions. Contact our team for specialist advice and further information.

Key Features

  • 1U optical GPS chassis
  • Point to multipoint
  • 1×8, 2×8, 4×8, 1×16 2×16 GPS splitter
  • Up to 4 GPS receivers
  • Built-in SNMP Card
  • Splitting with GPS RX gain
  • Range of RX modules
  • 5 year warranty as standard