ViaLite GPS Over Fibre Outdoor Enclosures

ViaLite GPS Over Fibre Outdoor Enclosures

Product Information

ViaLite’s GPS Over Fibre Outdoor Enclosures provide cost-effective housing solutions suitable for use in environmentally harsh conditions. These enclosures are designed for both permanent fixed installations and rapid field deployment of mobile systems.

All models can be utilised as free-standing units or mounted on walls/poles, offering a minimum of IP65 protection to safeguard the equipment housed inside.

Strategically installed outdoors near the antenna at elevated levels, on poles, or rooftops, these enclosures facilitate the transmission of GPS/GNSS signals into buildings. This is particularly advantageous for time servers, base stations, test equipment, or rebroadcasting applications. They prove to be indispensable in locations without clear-sky access to GPS signals, making them well-suited for deployment in data centers, mines, tunnels, and secure government buildings, including Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs).

The ViaLite range of outdoor enclosure models can each be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

ViaLite Outdoor Enclosure ODE-A4

ViaLite GPS Over Fibre Outdoor Enclosures

The extremely versatile, compact ODE-A4 model can be used to bring GPS/GNSS signals into buildings for time servers, base stations, test equipment or rebroadcasting. It is typically used at data centres, mines and tunnels, secure Government buildings/sensitive compartmented information facilities (SCIFs), locations which do not have clear-sky access to GPS signals.

The ODE-A4 can house up to four Blue OEM RF fibre links (either Rx or TX) housed together with dual redundant power supplies for reliable operation. Additional slots can house timing and reference Blue OEMs for Satcom applications.


ViaLite ODE-Mini

The ViaLite HD ODE-MINI is a versatile enclosure designed for compact locations. The enclosure is cast aluminium and has an IP65 ingress protection rating. It is typically installed on a rooftop or antenna hub where RF and other services are transmitted over optical fibre to a remote equipment room. With options for fully integrated SNMP, Mini Ethernet Switch and LNA/B power, this enclosure is class leading for its size and cost. Measuring just 220x x155 x95mm and weighing just 2.65kg, it is ideal for fitting into hard-to-reach places or at the top of masts/poles.



The ViaLiteHD ODE-B3U houses and supports a 3U chassis that can tilt forwards for easy installation and maintenance. Also contained within the ODE-B3U is an integral fibre patch panel and customised gland plate for fibre, RF, power and data connections.

The main difference between the ODE-3BU and the other outdoor enclosures from ViaLite is that it does not house just OEM links, but a whole 19” rack mount unit allowing you to use similar ViaLiteHD cards outside to transmit the GPS signal as you would to receive the signal inside in a chassis in the same rack as your sync-server.

Being a rack mount chassis means all cards are hot-swappable, making maintenance much easier when swapping a faulty transmitter or power module.

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