AntaRx-S3 GNSS Smart Antenna

Septentrio AntaRx-S3-Si3 Smart GNSS Receiver

Product Information

With over 20 years of experience building industrial multi-frequency receivers, Septentrio has recently released the AntaRx-S3 GNSS Smart Antenna. Offering a combination of highly-accurate and reliable positioning, even in challenging environments, AntaRx-S3 can be conveniently mounted on large machinery or robots. The ruggedised IP69K housing protects receiver and antenna from the elements. Select the right combination for your system with options like GNSS/INS (Inertial Measurement Unit) for orientation, dual antenna mode for instant heading, or the 4G cell modem.

Rugged, Accurate, and Versatile

The AntaRx-S3 Smart Antenna stands out with its robust design, combining strength and durability. Encased in high-impact-resistant polycarbonate housing with IP69K sealing, the receiver is well-protected against external elements. The integration of proprietary technology and advanced algorithms ensures resilient tracking even in the face of heavy vibrations or shocks. Septentrio’s core technology provides best-in-class RTK, delivering unparalleled positioning accuracy. Tailor the antenna to your system with options for single or dual antenna modes, including heading & pitch or heading and roll angles. Choose from a 4G cell option or the GNSS/INS version. Adding an auxiliary GNSS antenna enables heading and pitch or heading and roll measurements without the need for movement.

GNSS+ Technologies – Peak Performance in Challenging Environments

Navigating rough terrains with mechanical vibrations or shocks can disrupt satellite tracking. The LOCK+ feature automatically adjusts receiver parameters, ensuring uninterrupted positioning.

Ionospheric activity poses challenges to GNSS signals, from RTK fix loss to complete signal lock loss. With expertise honed in iono-active zones worldwide, IONO+ provides advanced protection against ionospheric disturbances, setting a new standard.

Reflective surfaces and large structures can introduce multipath errors to GNSS signals. The APME+ system untangles direct and reflected signals, enhancing both position and measurement quality. APME+ is bias-free and can be disabled, showcasing Septentrio’s commitment to configurability.

AIM+ Anti-jamming and RF Spectrum Monitoring System

AIM+ offers built-in protection against intentional and unintentional jamming through a sophisticated sampling and mitigation system. The high-precision GNSS receiver automatically suppresses a wide range of interferers, from simple narrow-band signals to complex wideband and pulsed transmitters.

Easy Integration with an Intuitive Web App

The AntaRx-S3 smart antenna features fully documented interfaces, commands, and data messages. Included GNSS receiver control and analysis software, RxTools, facilitates receiver configuration, monitoring, and data logging and analysis. The intuitive web user interface allows easy operation and monitoring from any mobile device or computer. Clear quality indicators make monitoring the receiver’s operation during tasks straightforward and effective.

AntaRx is also available in GNSS/INS mode and as an Auxiliary GNSS Antenna compatible with AntaRx receiver.

The Chronos difference

Contact our team who will be happy to discuss the best Septentrio solution for your application.

Key Features

  • Triple-frequency satellite tracking of all available GNSS constellations
  • IP69K sealing for the harshest environments
  • Robust against shocks and vibration
  • Best-in-class RTK performance
  • Auxiliary antenna input for heading & pitch or heading & roll capability
  • Septentrio GNSS+ algorithms for reliable performance and tracking despite heavy vibrations
  • Integrated 4G LTE cellular modem
  • Intuitive web user interface