SubWAVE Zone Underground GPS Coverage

Product Information

Product Information

GPS 1 GPS = Global Positioning System GNSS 2 GNSS = Global Navigation Satellite System coverage has become a fundamental tool for emergency services, significantly improving their intervention capabilities. Yet, when entering an underground area such as a subway station or tunnel, they lose that advantage as the GPS signal is lost.

The ground-breaking SubWAVE from Syntony extends 100% GPS coverage to underground areas such as tunnels, stations, parking, bus stations & airports, thus enabling localisation of any equipment or person with a standard GPS receiver (smartphone, TETRA radio or future Emergency Services Network handsets).

Syntony’s equipment is installed in the same cabinet as your telecom equipment and uses the leaky coax cables already in place to spread a perfect emulation of the “real” GPS signal.  SubWAVE then emits multiple zone signals amongst your infrastructures, whether in stations or in tunnels, mapping your network according to your needs.  The solution is fully compatible with any GPS receiver already installed on PMR equipment.

Safety issues are a major concern for underground infrastructure. Locating emergency calls in such complex environments requires a technology that can provide instantaneous localisation for anyone in need.  SubWAVE provides a seamless emulated GPS positioning service regardless of the devices used in any indoor environment; emulating standard GPS signals allowing GPS chipsets in any smartphone or professional receiver such as P25 or TETRA to benefit from coverage and send a zoning position to rescue forces alongside the distress call.

SubWAVE offers multiple accuracy levels, depending on the needs, the use cases and the environment.  SubWAVE Zone narrows down the location of emergency calls and SubWAVE Continuous brings a measured accuracy level of 2 metres.


  • Plug and play installation in DAS infrastructure used by cellular or PMR
  • No interference with train control or telecoms systems
  • No receiver or server modification
  • Compliant with existing PMR/TETRA receivers
  • Seamless transition with the outdoor/indoor
  • No App to be installed on the smartphone

The Chronos difference

Contact our team today to discuss how the groundbreaking Syntony SubWAVE solution can provide 100% GPS GNSS coverage in subterranean locations.

Key Features

  • From 3 up to 6 RF outputs
  • Full time and location control
  • PVT definition for each zone with positioning precision along the leaky feeder
  • Emission power for each zone
  • Synchronisation control with outdoor GPS at << 1 microsecond
  • Alarm monitoring
  • GPS redundancy
  • Front LED error status
  • Extractable SSD drive for higher and easy maintenance
  • High reliability
  • Easy maintenance