Miniature Clock TTM 01-G

Tekron Miniature Clock TTM 01-G

Product Information

Precise time for the power industry

The TTM 01-G from Tekron is a reliable and accurate GPS and GLONASS (GNSS) clock with sub-microsecond timing that is used to synchronise Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) in the power industry and other industries where precise and reliable timing is required. As with all Tekron GPS clocks, the TTM 01-G has electrically isolated outputs, providing excellent noise immunity. The TTM 01-G supports both NTP/SNTP and PTP (IEEE 1588v2).

Key Features

  • Supports GPS and GLONASS
  • Independently isolated outputs
  • Isolated power supply
  • High output power line drivers
  • Low noise characteristics due to balanced pair distribution
  • UTC and LST with user defined DST options
  • Remote configuration over Ethernet
  • Configuration security
  • Remote firmware upgrades
  • Enhanced security and encryption that exceeds NERC CIP requirements

Input/Output Signals

  • DC IRIG-B (Un-modulated, DCLS)
  • AM IRIG-B (Modulated)
  • Supports C37.118.1
  • Serial Strings
  • User defined pulses
  • Modified Manchester
  • DCF77
  • PTP (IEEE 1588 v2)

The Chronos difference

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