TCG 01-G Timing Generator

TCG 01-G Timing Generator

Product Information

Precise time for the smart grid, smart substations, electricity distribution, transmission & generation protection

For smart grids to operate successfully, they need to be based on a solid and robust synchronisation infrastructure. Supporting IEEE 1588 PTP and IEC 61850 and with enhanced cyber security features that support NERC CIP requirements, the TCG 01-G GNSS Clock from Tekron is a highly accurate, fully featured GPS and GLONASS (GNSS) clock designed to provide high-precision timing (NTP/PTP) in today’s power systems: smart grid / smart substations, electricity distribution, transmission, generation protection and control systems. The clock synchronises multiple Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) within a network, including protection relays and remote telemetry units to enable accurate time stamping.

Key Features

  • Reference GPS and GLONASS networks
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Remote configuration via Ethernet
  • Independently isolated outputs
  • Isolated power supply
  • High power line drivers
  • UTC and LST with user defined DST options
  • Configuration security
  • Enhanced security and encryption that exceeds NERC CIP requirements
  • Low noise characteristics due to balanced pair distribution
  • Remote firmware upgrades

Input/Output Signals

  • PTP (1588v2) Default profile, Full Power profile (C37.238), Telecom slave profile (ITU G.8265.1), Telecom grandmaster & slave profile (ITU G.8275.1)
  • NTP/SNTP v3, v4 server operation, and basic SNTP client protocol for testing purposes (included)
  • Proprietary MIB, USM MIB, C37.238 MIB
  • DC IRIG-B (Unmodulated, DCLS)
  • AM IRIG-B (Modulated)
  • Supports C37.118.1
  • Serial Strings
  • User defined pulses
  • DCF77

The Chronos difference

Questions about timing challenges for the smart grid? Please contact our team for specialist advice, support and for more information.