TimeCesium 4400 Primary Reference Source

TimeCesium 4400 PRS

Product Information

Highest level of time and frequency accuracy throughout your network

All clocks in a synchronisation network must be referenced, or traceable, to a PRS 1 PRS = Primary Reference Source . Microchip’s GNSS 2 GNSS = Global Navigation Satellite System Primary Reference Sources, also known as “master clocks,” provide the highest level of time and/or frequency accuracy for telecom networking as required by international standards. This assures the highest level of time and frequency accuracy throughout the network.

Generating superior, highly reliable G.811 sync signals for advanced telecom network services

Generating superior, highly reliable Stratum 1 synchronisation signals for advanced telecom network services, Microchip’s TimeCesium 4400 is based on the latest Cesium III technology, and is an autonomous Primary Reference Source designed for telecom network operators to generate superior and highly reliable G.811 synchronisation signals for advanced network services.

Delivering total control of your network synchronisation

The TimeCesium 4400 produces accurate, spectrally pure, and stable output signals using a cesium beam tube resonator. Using a TimeCesium 4400 delivers total control of your network synchronisation source, enhances network performance, reduces errors in the SONET/SDH payload, and prevents up-stream network clock errors from propagating across the network.

Whether you need an autonomous frequency standard to build an efficient frequency based digital network, or have concerns about over-reliance of GNSS in your frequency or time and phase-based applications, the TimeCesium will meet those needs in a package designed for a telecom switch room environment. Recently updated to meet the latest performance and environmental standards, TimeCesium meets both Primary Reference Clock (PRC) and ePRC (Enhanced PRC) ITU frequency standards, and in conjunction with the TimeProvider 4100 acts as an ePRTC (Enhanced Primary Reference Clock) for the most stringent requirements in 5G, and can form a key part in a vPRTC (Virtual Primary Reference Time Clock) system that can deliver sub 100ns deterministic timing at every Point of Presence in your network.

The Chronos difference

Contact our team to discuss how the TimeCesium 4400 can provide your network with highly accurate sync & timing, and deliver total control of your network synchronisation.

Key Features

  • State-of-the-art cesium III beam tube technology
  • Autonomous Stratum 1 primary reference source
  • No antenna installation required
  • Front access ETSI shelf
  • DS1, E1, 2048 KHz G.703/13, 10 MHz, 5 MHz, 1.544 MHz