Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC – SA5x)

Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC - SA5x)

Product Information

SA53 & SA55

Re-designed for improved stability, Microchip’s Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC – SA5X) Rubidium Oscillator offers new features and is designed for applications that require long-term atomic oscillator stability and meet compact and low power requirements.

Stable Time and Frequency Reference

MAC-SA5X produces a stable time and frequency reference that maintains a high degree of synchronisation to a reference clock, such as a GNSS-derived signal, despite static g-forces or other factors. Its combination of low monthly drift rate, short-term stability and stability during temperature changes allow the device to maintain precise frequency and timing requirements during extended periods of holdover during GNSS outages or for applications where large rack-mount clocks are not possible.

Five Times Smaller than Traditional Lamp-Based Rubidium Oscillators

Sharing an identical form factor with the Legacy MAC, measuring only 2 inch by 2 inch and standing less than an inch – it is five times smaller than traditional lamp-based rubidium oscillators. Its pins allow it to be mounted to PCBAs.

Improved Operation

It has been designed for fast warm-up times in a variety of thermal environments, wider operational temperature range and improved stability performance.

Low Temperature Sensitivity

With a max frequency deviation of <5E-11 during large temperature changes, along with improved long-term drift rates, the MAC-SA5X is capable of sub-microsecond holdover for many days in variable environments.

1PPS Disciplining

1PPS disciplining allows fast calibration to external references, such as GNSS-derived 1PPS signals. New software interface adds user-versatility, control and monitoring of the device via rs232 or USB communications pins.

SA5x Developers Kit (p/n 090-44500-000)

Interface PCB Assembly to evaluate SA5x

Mounting hardware to allow for mounting SA5x to the evaluation board

Heat sink/base and thermal tape

Power supply

Hardware to allow for heat sink/base mounting

The Chronos difference

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Key Features

  • Versatile
  • Compact Design
  • Economical Operation
  • Low Temperature Sensitivity