High-Performance Rubidium Oscillator XPRO

High-Performance Rubidium Oscillator XPRO

Product Information

The Microchip XPRO is a high-performance rubidium oscillator designed for a wide range of telecommunications and test and measurement applications. The XPRO is a drop-in replacement for the tried, tested and long-trusted LPRO, which has been widely installed in wireless base station applications, RF test equipment and other applications where an embedded high-performance oscillator is required.

Meeting the most demanding performance requirements

The XPRO leverages over 35 years of proven rubidium atomic physics with advanced digital electronics architecture to provide an exceptionally stable oscillator that meets the most demanding performance requirements.

The XPRO with its low profile and standard connector interface is designed for ease of integration into time and frequency systems. Great care has been taken in the design to minimise EMI emissions and susceptibility, including the use of a filtered 9 pin D-connector, SMA for the RF output and a shielded outer cover.

Robust reference source

The XPRO is designed for long operating periods without maintenance (long life Rb lamp, extended crystal control range). The XPRO, with a 5E-11 per month ageing, will maintain 1E-9 frequency accuracy for 10 years or longer without recalibration. A low ageing rate option is available for XPRO that will provide 1E-11 per month ageing providing an even more robust reference source.
Standard outputs are 10MHz, 1PPS and a rubidium lock status bit. All monitoring and control are done via the RS-232 interface allowing the user access to comprehensive status and control parameters.


  • Low profile with standard connector interface for easy integration
  • Low maintenance
  • Long lifecycle (>10 years) without recalibration operation

The Chronos difference

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Key Features

  • 10Mhz output
  • 1PPS output
  • 1E-11 per month frequency aging
  • RoHs 5/6 Compliant