Timing Module CTL460

Timing Module CTL460

Product Information

Ultra High Sensitivity Assisted GPS Technology

The CTL46x series GPS timing modules are designed for where a compact, low cost source of highly accurate time is required, in a very small form factor and can be specified with TCXO oscillator for reduced holdover and lower cost applications or the latest Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) from Microchip for extended holdover.

Utilising the very latest state of the art GPS technology that allows ultra high sensitivity satellite tracking to levels as low as –160dBm, CTL46xx low strength signal capability enables GPS timing in very weak signal areas such as under dense foliage, in severe urban canyons and even inside buildings.

The CTL46x timing modules provide 1PPS and 10MHz output signals and are fitted with a multi-constellation GNSS receiver that can track GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and QZSS.

Other features of CTL46x include the capability to perform a self survey and enter a fixed position mode of operation. This allows GPS timing with only one satellite being tracked as low as –160dBm thereby greatly extending the ability of the unit to output GPS steered time and reducing holdover requirements. In addition, the unit will autonomously scale the self survey window based on initial reported GPS position to allow entry into fixed position mode even in very weak signal areas.

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