We offer the finest technologies and the best value for a wide range of products

When you work with Chronos you’ll gain access to a wide range of specialised products – based on our experience of over 35 years, providing timing and GNSS 1 GNSS = Global Navigation Satellite System products across a wide range of industries, all around the world.

Indeed, when you buy from Chronos, you will get access to some of the finest products in the world for sync and timing, smart technologies, GNSS and cyber security solutions. From specification to performance, you will find the most comprehensive range, the most advanced technologies and the greatest value available: you’ll get everything you need to ensure success.

You can provide for your global operations effectively, with typically same-day hardware despatch backed by 24/7 telephone support. Indeed, we can even help you migrate to new hardware when your existing equipment reaches the end of its life, ensuring maximum return on investment.

And – for businesses in Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK – you can gain access to products from Microchip, the world’s leading provider of sync and timing solutions including GPS-based timing, IEEE 1588 Precise Time Protocol, Network Time Protocol, Synchronous Ethernet and DOCSIS timing.

The Chronos Difference

Insist on the very highest levels of product for your timing, smart solutions and GNSS applications, and ensure optimal performance at all times, from project inception to end of life.

Synchronisation and Timing Solutions

An acknowledged world leader in the field, Chronos can support you in every aspect of your sync and timing requirements. We can also supply you with the latest, market leading products to build into your systems. With Chronos, you will find a champion partner who is there for you, whatever the challenge.


Chronos is recognised as a leading authority in GNSS and is a specialist supplier and installer of GNSS simulators, repeaters, receivers, antennas, RF over fibre and infrastructure.  Chronos is also a world leader in GNSS vulnerabilities, jamming and interference detection and location technology, and a supplier of underground GNSS coverage solutions. Visit https://www.gps-world.uk/ for more information.

Smart Technologies

With Chronos’ Smart Technologies you can now discover new areas for operational improvement, by analysing data from a huge range of connected sources.

Cyber Security

Chronos can help you reduce the risk and consequences of your applications being affected by GNSS cyber-attack. You can implement more secure network designs and hardware. And you can use security and sync audits to identify irregularities as quickly as possible.

Optimum performance

You can also enjoy complete peace of mind with Chronos. Our rich expertise and advanced technologies mean that sync or GNSS signals will be the optimum available.