Only you can decide on your short and long-term goals for Carbon Footprint, Sustainability and Environmental Social & Governance (ESG); we at Chronos can help you meet and exceed these goals by simply giving you a single “Dashboard of Dashboards” to measure, monitor and manage to successful outcomes.

Our UCentric Enviro-Monitor platform can take data from a variety of sources (including Building Maintenance Systems (BMS) and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems and Building Access Controls (BAC)).  Our process includes:

  • Baseline –  we will uncover the full extent of your energy usage and capture your baseline
  • Setting Goals – strategically set goals based on your company’s core vision and mission
  • Monitor/Measure – we will monitor your usage and measure your carbon footprint
  • Culture – establish a culture where every footprint leaves less trace
  • Put your Customers in the Picture – making strides towards sustainability can be a pull factor for new customers

We present this data in dashboards and reports in whatever ways suit your departments or projects best.

We can handle anything you throw at us, from spreadsheets to text strings to APIs on premises or in the cloud. The data can be your own, delivered to you by a third party (your Power Utility or Water Supplier for example) or open-source data such as public transport live data.

Typically, we will first identify the data you currently have available that can help in meeting your goals, including data siloed or indeed not even collected. We can then enhance this data by using a range of sensors, such as temperature and humidity, granular power usage, water and waste usage, and occupancy and people movement.

From there we can help you develop a baseline picture of your business, giving insights into the activities required to meet your goals – including identifying any “low hanging fruit” to kickstart the process.

As your policies, and indeed your facilities, evolve then so can we. New data sources can easily be integrated into UCentric and as the project proceeds, we will develop your in-house knowledge and skills to create views and reports in UCentric as your requirements change.

A Leaner, Greener, More Successful Workplace

Water Stewardship

Water stewardship involves responsible management, conservation, and community engagement to ensure the sustainable and clean water availability for present and future generations through measures like efficient water use and pollution prevention


Transforming company culture around sustainability involves fostering a collective mindset prioritising eco-conscious practices

Air Quality

Monitoring air quality is vital for safeguarding public health, as it allows us to identify pollutants, track their sources, and implement effective measures to improve the quality of the air we breathe


Environmental monitoring is vital for assessing and understanding ecosystems, informing decisions to protect and sustain our natural environment


Implementing energy efficient measures and adopting sustainable practices can significantly reduce heating bills, providing both cost savings and contribution to a greener and more environmentally friendly workplace