Embedded Atomic Clocks

Atomic physics sets the standard for stability, accuracy and range of applications in precision frequency reference clocks worldwide. Microchip Rubidium atomic clocks support more military communications, satellite ground stations, and test and measurement applications than any other precision frequency references in the world.

Microsemi’s Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) SA.45s, the world’s smallest commercial atomic oscillator, achieves historic breakthroughs in size, weight and power consumption making it ideal for portable military applications. Advanced research, cutting edge engineering and packaging, superior manufacturing, and integrated software design all result in precision frequency standards that deliver exceptional performance and unsurpassed accuracy, stability and reliability in the most challenging environments.

The Chronos difference

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Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC)

Microchip’s next-generation MAC-SA5x miniaturized rubidium atomic clock produces a stable time and frequency reference that maintains a high degree of synchronisation to a reference clock, such as a GNSS-derived signal, despite static g-forces or other factors. Its combination of low monthly drift rate, short-term stability and stability during temperature changes allow the device to maintain precise frequency and timing requirements during extended periods of holdover during GNSS outages or for applications where large rack-mount clocks are not possible.

Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC)

Unmatched combination of breakthroughs – reduced size, weight and power consumption – brings the accuracy and stability of atomic clocks to portable applications.

The Microchip SA.45s CSAC is the world’s first commercially available chip scale atomic clock, providing the accuracy and stability of atomic clock technology while achieving true breakthroughs in reduced size, weight and power consumption.