Real Time Location Services (RTLS)

Keeping track of assets across a hospital is a vital element of maintaining smooth operations and ensuring the best possible care can be provided. By using Healthcare Location Services – RTLS technology – to inventory and track medical equipment and other hospital assets, the real-time location of items become entirely automated and workflow orchestration helps ensure coordinated patient care, allowing staff to focus on what matters most: providing high-quality healthcare to patients.

Tools like spreadsheets and paper based systems allow staff to record and log the whereabouts of equipment, but it requires manual input to remain up-to-date.

Workplace Security
Healthcare facilities are not immune to violence or other types of occupational safety hazards, particularly inpatient facilities. If employers leave their workers inadequately equipped, they may be unable to call for help during an incident, leading to potentially serious injury.

The best solutions provide immediate notification for healthcare workers in distress together with constant communication of real-time location to security personnel and staff in nearby proximity. Likewise, technology can also alert to falls and man-down situations.

The aim should always be to prevent workplace violence, but enabling appropriate and timely response may minimise risks to all.

Patient Flow
Minimise the delays and bottlenecks that cause overcrowding, hinder quality care and harm the patient experience.

Use of Healthcare Location Services RTLS solutions provides an easy-to-use view of patient movement, status and location. By identifying delays and areas of congestion that cause poor patient flow, healthcare organisations can make improvements to increase efficiency and patient satisfaction.

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