While time and timing have always been essential for wireless networks to function, requirements have evolved dramatically as operators increase small cell use and optimize spectrum usage to enable LTE-A and 5G network capabilities. Accurate phase synchronisation is now increasingly critical to support new features and services in these networks.

IGM Family

Chronos can deploy and support a portfolio of small form factor IEEE 1588 PTP grandmasters to deliver a cost-effective, precise timing master exactly where it’s needed, such as small cells or backhaul to eNodeBs for wireless service delivery at the LTE network edge. IGM 1588 grandmasters integrate both GNSS antenna and GNSS receiver, eliminating the need for a rooftop antenna deployment and cabling system.

The IGM enables deployment of these smaller grandmasters at the very edge of mobile networks, lowering costs alongside enhanced coverage and performance. Easily installed indoors or outdoors, in-building or in cabinets or huts, the IGM grandmaster family serves operators preparing for 5G through densification, along with enterprises seeking enhanced indoor capacity and coverage on LTE and LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) networks.

Using the same ultra-sensitive GNSS receiver and management system enables you to deploy either Indoor or Outdoor versions of the IGM as appropriate. IGM uses Power over Ethernet (PoE) and so requires just a single Cat5 or Cat6 cable to operate. This ultra-sensitive GNSS receiver, supported by Microchip’s patented APTS technology from core timing sites and Assisted GPS (A-GPS) is particularly challenging environments; meaning even the Outdoor IGM does not require a clear view of the southern sky required in traditional GNSS deployments.

The Chronos difference

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