Despite making a safe working environment, many people are reticent about being tracked – a “Big Brother” boss, or the suspicion of one, is not a great environment. We often do compromise on this though – most modern offices have access controls at entrances and exits, often with areas of restricted access within the building.

We have systems available – many involving the tracking of both assets and people – to ensure an appropriate safe distance is kept between people and plant in industrial settings. This can involve a simple blanket “safe radius” but could also be intelligent enough to take speed and direction of travel of both the people and the plant in deciding what an appropriate safe distance is at any time.

In healthcare and hospitality, location could be vital for people’s safety – whether a staff member who may become involved in a threatening situation, or a hospital patient getting lost. We have systems that can even use existing WiFi infrastructure as the base point for personnel location; with the ability where necessary to have simple communications through text or just hot buttons.

These safety systems can also be used in large campuses, or indeed multi-campus workplaces and universities where safe travel between sites can be supported by location services.

One thankfully rare but important application is to ensure an accurate roll call in case of fire; and indeed, to locate people who may still be in the building during a fire – especially important for staff vulnerable in these situations such as wheelchair users.

The Chronos difference

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