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Smart Technology Products. Gain new insights, unlock major operating efficiencies, and so transform your profit margins with the latest smart technology.

You can now discover new areas for operational improvement by analysing data from a huge range of connected sources. Those might include environmental sensors, Wi-Fi access points, building access systems, building management systems (BMS), site monitoring systems, HVAC, CCTV, mobile phones, or any other networked device.

The UCentric Data Analytics platform can apply unique cross-referencing capabilities. It can unlock vital insights from your data, seeking out unexpected relationships and producing reports to help you improve efficiency.

For example, an analysis of footfall to an office canteen – designed as a funding review – also brought to light serious fire safety issues for one client. Data from swipe cards and other sources were used in the analysis, highlighting issues with how people moved through the building. So, as well as providing insights on canteen usage, new critical safety measures were also introduced to prevent disaster.

The Chronos difference…

You can rely on Chronos’s deep expertise in infrastructure deployment as you seek to maximise the potential of IoT and other new technologies.


Site Monitoring Systems

Just as you rely on Chronos expertise to install and maintain your critical GPS and smart timings, so you can call on us to help design and implement these networks of smart technology products.

You can understand better how to make the most of the data you already capture. And you can also get help in implementing Internet of Things (IoT) technology around your processes so that useful information is captured.

Voice Migration

You can harness smart technology to audit your PBX usage. By monitoring device and user data on your existing PBX, you will be able to migrate to a more flexible and cost-effective hosted PBX with far greater ease.