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We Make Your Facilities Smarter

Digital transformation of your processes and policies, and the way you measure and manage them, using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) / Industry 4.0 technologies, can support your aims to reduce your impact, waste, and costs, and increase efficiency and productivity.

Carbon Footprint and Sustainability 
As a technology specialist our aim is simply to support your decision making to reduce your Scope 1 – particularly Carbon – Emissions, as well as waste such as water and landfill.

You can use the UCentric “Dashboard of Dashboards” to inform your decision making; bringing together all your existing data from wherever it currently sits and adding breadth and context by deploying sensor technologies – whether environmental like temperature, humidity or particulates, occupancy levels and people movements, power usage down to power point level, water usage, and the amount of landfill, food waste and recyclable materials.

Asset Tracking and Real Time Location 
There are a range of wireless technologies, many suitable for both Indoor and outdoor use, to give periodic or real time location for part and finished goods, tools, plant and even people. As well as knowing where things are at any time, these technologies can give movements and proximity data which is particularly useful for people safety.

The range of technologies we have can provide the appropriate level of accuracy and frequency, from “same room” to sub 50cm in three dimensions.

Each use case has possible implications on size of device, range, and battery life. We can help deliver the right solutions for the problems you need to solve and provide a software platform to manage and monitor position data whether your application is in manufacturing and warehousing, logistics, test and repair facilities, healthcare or hospitality.

The Chronos difference…

You can rely on Chronos’s deep expertise in infrastructure deployment as you seek to maximise the potential of IoT and other new technologies.


Smart Technology Systems

Just as you rely on Chronos expertise to install and maintain your critical GPS and smart timings, so you can call on us to help design and implement these networks of smart technology products.

You can understand better how to make the most of the data you already capture. And you can also get help in implementing Internet of Things (IoT) technology around your processes so that useful information is captured.