Smart Technologies - Chronos Technology

You will undoubtedly have a significant amount of data already in your systems and this information may only be available to specific teams or systems. You may not even be aware that you have access to these sources of invaluable analytics.

With the addition of appropriate sensors deployed across your site, covering both third-party and public data, you can rapidly build up an insightful view of your premises. Whether your operations take place in an office, a factory, or a warehouse, you can easily leverage incoming data – such as environmental conditions and power usage – to help reduce operational costs.

In a building, the UCentric platform is a ‘Dashboard of Dashboards’ that delivers further data interpretation with a holistic view of your facilities and the impact on your people. In a manufacturing setting, this platform will unlock actionable insights from your data, seeking out unexpected relationships and producing reports to improve efficiency and this increase margins.

As experts with over 30 years of experience in satellite systems and navigation, Chronos Technology has the expertise your business needs to track assets within the four walls of a factory or warehouse site, and beyond. Access a wide range of satellite and wireless tracking systems, supported by our market-leading background in telecommunications. We will ensure the right technologies are correctly deployed for optimum performance – whether through Public or Private 5G, LoraWAN, Bluetooth or NFC.

The Chronos difference…

You can rely on Chronos’s deep expertise in infrastructure deployment as you seek to maximise the potential of IoT and other new technologies.


Site Monitoring Systems

Just as you rely on Chronos expertise to install and maintain your critical GPS and smart timings, so you can call on us to help design and implement these networks of smart technology products.

You can understand better how to make the most of the data you already capture. And you can also get help in implementing Internet of Things (IoT) technology around your processes so that useful information is captured.

Voice Migration

You can harness smart technology to audit your PBX usage. By monitoring device and user data on your existing PBX, you will be able to migrate to a more flexible and cost-effective hosted PBX with far greater ease.