Transport technologies such as PDH, SDH/SONET, and ATM, may now be termed as “legacy” but have a vital and ongoing role in delivering services over fixed networks. Whether maintaining existing services or utilising these technologies in supporting Ethernet services using MPLS, Chronos can deploy and support appropriate SSU and BITS clocks to maximise network performance.

Whether you require timing for a single site with no more than a handful of timing outputs, or a central office fully resilient system with hundreds of outputs, we have the appropriate solution for you. And our locally based SSP support offering can maintain the performance of obsolescent and obsolete timing equipment for many years beyond manufacturers’ end of life support.

The Chronos difference

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Central Office

The Microchip SSU-2000 is an intelligent, fully manageable Synchronisation Supply Unit or Building Integrated Timing Shelf generating and distributing superior sync signals for advanced network services and is designed to meet current and evolving industry standards. The platform integrates with Microchip’s 5071A and TimeCesium atomic clocks, as well as single or dual GNSS primary receiver cards to meet primary reference clock requirements.

The SSU-2000 allows for complete 1+1 resilient deployment of clocks, inputs and outputs, and a multi-shelf SSU-2000 system can deliver well over a thousand frequency outputs.

SSU-2000 is managed via Microchip’s TimePictra platform.

Reliable, High Quality Sync Deployments

For deployments needing reliable, high quality synchronisation beyond the network core and into metro and access offices, TimeProvider 1100 is a high-performance node clock which can adequately meet the critical sync requirements of your small office. These include a reduced number of outputs, a smaller footprint, and lower cost – all with the stability and accuracy of a core office sync system.

TimeProvider 1100 is available in Rubidium or Quartz with SmartClock technology. They can be configured with an additional IOC card to provide 1+1 full input, clock redundancy and output protection. A unique GPS input option using Two Way Time Transfer (TWTT) protocols allows for an easy to deploy system delivering Primary Reference Clock performance.

Primary Reference Source

TimeSource is a standalone Primary Reference Source (PRS) providing Stratum 1 performance via a high precision external GPS timing antenna and is equipped with either a high quality OCXO or Rubidium atomic clock. Key to the superior performance of the TimeSource is a patented, multiple input, frequency locked loop clock engine. The advanced clock engine, GPS input, local oscillator and optional additional inputs work together to produce precise Stratum 1 timing outputs.