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Network Design

Methods for transporting time, and the applications that require both frequency and phase synchronisation, have changed radically over the last few years and continue to evolve with fast changing networks and applications requiring ever increasing timing accuracy and resilience.

In telecoms networks ownership of, and expertise in, timing was typically the job of the transport team; after all the physical network needed traceable and accurate timing to work efficiently, whatever traffic it was carrying. The standards for timing these networks were well defined and simple to adhere to.

In utilities responsibility was further split between telecoms and outstations, where pulses and time codes were used over many years for the transport of time. In the enterprise best effort Ethernet networks did not require timing to operate, with just “same second” time requirements to support some security protocols and the manage failure events.

The universal adaption of Ethernet transport has changed this situation; the challenge now is to move timing around a network that itself does not require timing. Chronos has the ability to bridge these worlds; steeped in supporting these now legacy transport networks Chronos continues to be involved in shaping the standards and technologies to deliver timing in any network or to any application.

The Chronos difference

So, whether you are reconfiguring or designing a timing network for 5G or Small Cells, a Time Sensitive Network (TSN), Smart Grid, MiFID II compliant trading system, or a resilient and scalable independent timing network across locations and even countries, Chronos has the capability to advise, support or fully design your timing infrastructure for now and the future. Contact our team for specialist advice and more information.

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