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Discover how to improve your technology’s sync availability and redundancy - Chronos Technology

Discover how to improve your technology’s sync availability and redundancy, and learn to monitor your sync health over time.

Chronos has unrivalled expertise in delivering sync audits, and can help ensure that your operational technology runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Even the smallest drift in your timing systems can create all kinds of problems. In communications networks it can cause bandwidth restrictions and, ultimately, service downtime. In the financial sector it can lead to compliance issues – with legislation like the EU MiFID 1 MiFID = Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFID II) directive requiring that you can deliver time-stamping for certain trades and also prove you’ve done so.

Indeed, no matter what industry you work in, it’s essential that you periodically verify the accuracy of your synchronisation – and correct it.

Your Chronos Sync Audit will include data collection, analysis and reporting, and also provides best practice recommendations.

The Chronos Difference…

Work with Chronos to ensure the greatest confidence in timing and synchronisation across your operational technology, quickly and easily.

The Chronos Difference

Network Audit – Timing

Identify and troubleshoot the frequency sync performance issues of your telecom networks and other network elements. You can deploy these audits in multiple ways, to suit different budgets, and they’ll give you tangible evidence of your sync and sync issues.

Network Audit – Time

Ensure that your network infrastructure is fit for phase. This sync audit employs traceable PRTC devices to deliver all the performance you need at the edge, in all routing scenarios, and including the use of third party ‘dumb pipes.’

Design and Test

You gain access to our team of expert system, product and test engineers with this premium service. Working from both Chronos’s base and your lab environment, you can have complete confidence that your links will maintain network edge frequency performance.

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You’ll find world leading engineers with technologies to match at Chronos.
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