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We are active in all industries that require our solutions, from critical to helpful, and from lifesaving to labour saving

We have developed leading skills and experience over 35 years for the most exacting customers. Our pedigree includes products and services for organisations which include all aspects of society, governments and business.

They all rely on our skill and expertise to keep them operating perfectly, secure and with good value.

They are all united in the knowledge that Chronos’ products are completely fit for purpose, their service second-to-none and their value excellent.

The Chronos difference

At Chronos you will find specialists with experience of almost all businesses and industries. Our establishment many years ago means we have already resolved a range of the challenges you have to confront, so can add value in a number of different ways.

At Chronos you will find specialists in all these areas:

Synchronisation and timing solutions

– assuring resilient timing in your networks.

Smart technologies

– enabling smart buildings and voice migration solutions.

GNSS solutions

– including GPS underground coverage; GPS repeaters bring the GPS signal inside GPS denied environments; RF over fibre solutions; GNSS simulators and GPS jamming detection & location solutions.

Cyber Security Audits

– protecting and hardening operational technology infrastructures from GNSS disruption.


You can deliver the best possible broadcast reliability with the precision hardware, expertise and services available through Chronos Timing…

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Defence & Security

If you’re responsible for military-grade communications or field-based global positioning capabilities, strengthen your hand with Chronos We’re experts in…

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You can achieve the sub-microsecond-precision that’s essential for today’s power applications, with Chronos’s help and experience We’re highly experienced…

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Enterprise IT

You can achieve the high levels of timing precision that modern enterprise applications and hybrid infrastructures need with help…

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Ensure that your critical systems run at peak performance and are fully compliant with the latest legislation Just as…

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Manufacturing & Test

As intelligent technology becomes more and more commonplace in manufacturing processes, make sure you can keep pace and stay…

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Keep your telecommunications networks running beautifully with effective sync, timing, phase and monitoring systems from the specialists with over…

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Specialists to serve you

You’ll find world leading engineers with technologies to match at Chronos.
Our specialists and experts, from CEO down, are dedicated to ensuring you get the best of everything, especially value