Chronos can supply equipment to test timing performance in both datacentres and laboratories; process timing performance measurements; and deploy systems to monitor GNSS performance and network element performance

The Chronos difference

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Test and Measure

The Chronos TimePort handheld device can transport GPS based timing accuracy in to sky deprived areas deep in data centres. Built on Microchip’s CSAC atomic clock technology the TimePort can act as a PTP or NTP server and measure a signal with respect to its GPS time base.

Microchip’s 53100A next generation Phase Noise Analyser measures the amplitude, phase and frequency stability of high-performance RF sources. Carrier frequencies from 1 MHz to 200 MHz are supported. The 53100A tells you everything you need to know about the stability characteristics of your devices, at timescales ranging from femtoseconds to days.

Microchip’s Time Monitor software imports and analyses synchronisation measurement data from a variety of sources to access network synchronisation and performs a wide range of analysis, including dedicated jitter/wander tests used in networks and labs throughout the world, packet timing data using timestamped NTP or IEEE 1588 PTP packets, and counters using the companion TimeMonitor Measurement application.

Monitor GNSS

Microchip’s BlueSky GNSS Firewall is built on a software engine that analyses the GNSS signal. GNSS signal data is received and evaluated from each satellite to ensure compliance along with analysing received signal characteristics. BlueSky can squelch one or all GNSS constellations and can deliver a real sky like GPS simulation from its hardened output for continual GPS feed service; even using Galileo as the system input.

Enhanced performance monitoring and data analysis is available using the TimePictra platform.

Monitor Network Elements

Microchip TimePictra gives comprehensive support for the standard FCAPS capabilities: Fault Management, Configuration Management, Accounting (Inventory) Management, Performance Management, and Security Management. In addition to these standard FCAPS capabilities, advanced feature options are available, including capabilities that enhance security, performance monitoring, and reporting.

TimePictra allows network operators not only to manage the PTP Grandmaster clocks in the network, but also to monitor the health and performance of PTP client clocks distributed throughout the network – including clients not supplied by Microchip. When Microchip clients are used, TimePictra will additionally report events, status, and performance metrics.

TimePictra enables integration of its northbound interface using SNMP for alarm integration and TeMIP northbound for alarm and topology integration.