Sync and Timing Excellence from Chronos Technology

Chronos Technology is the leading name in complete technology solutions for sync and timing. We work with some of the leading names in timing innovation to bring you a wide range of specialised products.

The Experts in Sync and Timing

For over 30 years, Chronos Technology has worked with organisations around the world to deliver the latest innovations in sync and timing. With the more world more connected than ever, the need for highly accurate and precise time has become a fundamental necessity for national infrastructure, financial institutions, broadcast networks and much more.

Our Partnership with Microchip

As a leading name in international resilient sync and timing, we are dedicated to enhancing our customers with the very best innovations and sync and timing. Our partnership with Microchip continues to strengthen that commitment, with over 20 years of close collaboration.

Microchip’s world-leading portfolio of frequency and time products represents the latest greatest innovations in timing excellence. When combined with our 35 years of experience, customers can leverage timing solutions powered by high-quality hardware.

Cross-Industry Expertise in Sync & Timing

Our decades of expertise and experience in timing and sync innovations enable us to support organisations from a wider variety of industry verticals and markets, including:

  • Broadcast – Ensure your broadcast maintains the highest quality with enterprise timing technology.
  • Defence & Security – GNSS infrastructure and synchronisation technologies for national defence.
  • Energy – Powering smart grids and national infrastructure with sub-microsecond precision timing.
  • Enterprise IT – Leverage accurately synchronised clocks to keep enterprise IT architecture on time.
  • Finance – Maintain peak performance and remain fully compliant with fully synchronised financial systems.
  • Manufacturing & Test – Enhance the manufacturing plant with smart technologies and intelligent timing.

The Chronos difference…

You can rely on Chronos’ deep expertise in infrastructure deployment as you seek to maximise the potential of IoT and other new technologies.