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Access the most experienced team in the world for sync & timing knowledge - Chronos Technology

Work with the organisation whose sync experts can bring over 35 years’ specialist timing and synchronisation experience to your operational technology projects.

Chronos has arguably the most experienced and knowledgeable team in the world for sync and timing. From the initial planning stages to implementation, and throughout the lifetime of your project, you’ll get all the expertise you need to ensure success – and prevent costly mistakes.

You can count on us for sound knowledge and advice on network design. We have solutions for Next Generation sync, and to support the convergence of time and timing. You can also get help with planning your future synchronisation strategy.

Chronos is a member of both the ITSF 1 ITSF = International Timing and Sync Forum and WSTS 2 WSTS = Workshop on Synchronisation in Telecommunication Systems steering groups and helps lead the timing and synchronisation industry.

Chronos is an associate member of the ITU 4 IEEE = Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers , IETF 5 IETF = Internet Engineering Task , 3GPP 6 3GPP = 3rd Generation Partnership Project , SMPTE 7 SMPTE = Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers , MEF/ BBF 8 MEF/ BBF = Metro Ethernet Forum/ Broadband Forum and ORAN 9 ORAN = Open Radio Access Network

We can help you, with Chronos Sync Audits, to discover how to improve your sync availability and redundancy, and how to increase the visibility of your sync health

Knowledge Transfer

Sign your people up for advanced training on timing and synchronisation. We offer a comprehensive Synchronisation MasterClass, plus a range of workshops that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Industry Leaders

Chronos is a member of both the ITSF and WSTS steering groups and helps lead the timing and synchronisation industry.

Standards Driven

Chronos is an associate member of the ITU Standards Committee (ITU-T SG15/ Q13), which sets the rules for timing in communications networks. We will continue to meet all new Standards, as they are defined, that support higher bandwidth, lower latency and the latest technologies. Indeed, Chronos also follows the ITU’s lead in respect of other standards bodies, including the IEEE, IETF, 3GPP, SMPTE, MEF/ BBF and ORAN.

The Chronos Difference

Ensure the utmost precision in your synchronisation and timing networks by working with the partner that operates at the leading edge and has one of the longest track records of success.

Network Design

Methods for transporting time, and the applications that require both frequency and phase synchronisation, have changed radically over the last few years.
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Sync Audits

Chronos has unrivalled expertise in delivering sync audits, and can help ensure that your operational technology runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
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In addition to our flagship Synchronisation MasterClass, Chronos provides a comprehensive yet flexible array of training options to suit your needs.
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Synchronisation MasterClass

Whilst the headline may look like “buzzword soup” it is an undeniable fact that accurate and traceable time, frequency & phase are fundamental enablers of all modern technologies.
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Specialists to serve you

You’ll find world leading engineers with technologies to match at Chronos.
Our specialists and experts, from CEO down, are dedicated to ensuring you get the best of everything, especially value