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Get the expert help you need to build effective cyber security strategies and mitigation plans - Chronos Technology

Get the expert help you need to build effective cyber security strategies and mitigation plans, so your critical technology can handle disruptions to GNSS 1 GNSS = Global Navigation Satellite System signals.

Extended loss of a valid GNSS signal can have a major impact on the timing and synchronisation, and positioning of your operational technology, leading to performance issues and downtime.

Because GNSS signals are low power, it’s not difficult to disrupt or block them, even accidentally. That makes them an attractive target for cyber-attacks – especially if you manage critical strategic infrastructure like power, broadcast, finance, telecoms, transport or government systems.

Our PNT-Assure™ Tech Audit Services can help you ensure maximum resilience when it comes to delivering GNSS security. The analysis follows a four-stage methodology:

  • Detailed audit of all your diverse and independent sources of time. This considers your accuracy requirements, and also how time is obtained, distributed and consumed by your applications.
  • Threat modelling that identifies possible attack vectors, and considers scenarios that might disrupt your network timing infrastructure.
  • Stress testing using state-of-the-art GNSS simulation and test equipment, both live and lab-based.

The creation of a full report of test results, with recommendations for securing and protecting time sources, and also for providing backup.

The service is based on the following framework

Built Around Your Needs

Of course, the details of how these stages are delivered will vary with the environment and technologies you have in place. And, crucially, these audits will involve your key technology stakeholders, so that all parties can have confidence in the analysis, and a clear picture of results and threats.

Access to the Latest Technology

You can gain access to all the very latest cyber security technology through Chronos. For example, the BlueSky™ GNSS Firewall from Microchip can detect signal anomalies, such as spoofing, jamming incidents, multipath signal interference and space weather conditions, among other issues.

The Chronos Difference

Gain access to Chronos’s highly specialist cyber security consulting services and cyber security training services as part of your PNT-Assure™ Audit Services.

Audit and Design Services Show the Way Forward

“Synchronisation is an essential part of both current and next generation networks being operated and deployed by Gamma Telecom. We have a requirement for multiple high quality timing sources and the level of technical support provided by Chronos and their commitment to successfully resolving any issues is impressive.

The audit and design services from Chronos allow Gamma to plan our future synchronisation strategy effectively in the full knowledge that they will be sustainable and supportable as we move forward.”

John Gallan Network Transmission Manager, Gamma Telecom (UK)

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