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You can achieve the high levels of timing precision that modern enterprise applications and hybrid infrastructures need with help from Chronos

Accurately synchronised clocks are critical for network log file accuracy, billing and transaction systems, database integrity, VoIP, security, and many other applications. Also, the hybrid nature of todays’ enterprise IT platforms requires that all your technology be accurately synchronised at all times.

Conventional NTP 1 NTP = Network Time Protocol provides networking standards for timing synchronisation via packet-switched, variable-latency data networks. clients have given way to the latest PTP 2 PTP = Precise Time Protocol, which specifies standards for delivering highly precise timekeeping via ethernet. devices, enabling hardware timestamping and the fastest possible update rates. Indeed, the IETF 3 IETF = Internet Engineering Task Force has established a PTP Enterprise Profile which enables highly efficient and scalable deployment of PTP in large enterprise networks.

Under the profile, your grandmaster multicasts a single common sync message to all your PTP slave clocks. In response, they can send back individual unicast delay request messages. Your grandmaster can then respond with a discrete unicast delay response to that slave clock only.

Chronos has strong experience in installing, maintaining and supporting these systems.

Advanced Microchip Technology

You can gain access to Microchip’s next-generation GPS 4 GPS = Global Positioning System. network time synchronisation products via Chronos, Their SyncServer S6xx Series network time servers fully support the IETF’s PTP Enterprise Profile. Microchip also has precision timing technology for host computers and peripherals, and for intelligent switching, monitoring and distribution.

Precision Anywhere

You can maintain time to within hundreds of nanoseconds of UTC despite being disconnected from both GPS and external power sources with TimePort.

GPS RF Over Fibre

You can also implement radio frequencies (RF) over optical fibre with the ViaLite range of solutions. RF over optical fibre enables signal integrity over long distances, immunity to electric and magnetic fields, and easy deployment – making it an ideal replacement for coaxial cable technology.

The Chronos Difference

Chronos has over 35 years’ specialised experience in timing and synchronisation, and our expert team can save you time, hassle and unnecessary expense with timing for your IT infrastructure.

Network Design Services

Chronos has the expertise and capability to advise, support or fully design your timing infrastructure

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Sync Audit Services

Discover how to improve your technology’s sync availability and redundancy, and learn how to monitor your sync health over time

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