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If you’re responsible for military-grade communications or field-based global positioning capabilities, strengthen your hand with Chronos

We’re experts in GNSS 1 GNSS = Global Navigation Satellite System infrastructure for defence applications, whether for synchronising communications or supporting PNT 2 PNT = Positioning, Navigation and Timing applications. We can deliver against stringent, exacting military standards, like MIL-STD-461 (Control of electromagnetic interference), where rigorous testing is required. And we have many years’ experience addressing defence requirements.

Chronos can supply handheld GPS jamming and interference detectors for use in the field to detect and locate the source of interference and intentional signal attacks.

Chronos partners with VIAVI Solutions to supply Jackson Labs modules, subsystems and box-level solutions that include front-end receivers, transcoders, rack-mounted equipment, and patented retrofit technology for the armed forces and defence contractors throughout the UK and Europe. Products are available via our website.

You can bring satellite signals indoors with our military grade GPS repeating and retransmission devices. That makes it possible to do repairs out of sight, inside your hangar or bunker. Indeed, we can help you locate GPS repeaters inside vehicles and aircraft for use in the field. Troops get a stronger GPS signal and longer battery life on their devices, and it also enables applications like HALO 4 HALO = High Altitude, Low Opening and HAHO 5 HALO = High Altitude, High Opening .

In addition, Chronos supplies RF over fibre solutions which offer very low signal loss, enabling connections over several kilometres without the need for amplification. That makes the solution ideal for government and defence buildings, or for Distributed Antenna System (DAS) applications.

Also, we can help you ensure a more reliable GNSS signal to provide synchronisation for your communications systems with BlueSky GNSS Firewall. This device integrates seamlessly between your GNSS antenna and system, identifying and protecting your systems from jamming and spoofing.

The Chronos Difference

Trust the experts in GNSS, with strong experience of defence applications, to help with your mission-critical PNT and synchronisation applications.