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You can deliver the best possible broadcast reliability with the precision hardware, expertise and services available through Chronos

Timing and synchronisation have always been critically important to broadcast technology. From the pulses embedded in traditional analogue video to today’s digital technology, reliable timing is essential to quality.

So, whether it’s synchronising audio with video, mixing the feeds from multiple cameras and devices at live events, or providing the ultra-precise time to enable advanced technologies, Chronos can help. Indeed, as networks have moved over to IP technologies and spectrum has come under greater pressure, timing and synchronisation have become more important than ever.

Chronos has been working with broadcast technologies for over 35 years and supports multiple national Tier 1 networks. We’ve kept up with all the latest innovations as they’ve been developed and adopted by our customers. For you, that means leading-edge help and advice from a highly experienced team of experts.

Way Beyond Satellite Receivers

Modern sync servers offer high-specification, low noise and resilient timing services for broadcast frequencies, with features like jamming and interference detection, and extended holdover.

The Chronos Difference

If you want to ensure that your broadcast systems will operate as expected then choose Chronos, and work with some of the most experienced timing and synchronisation experts in the world.