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With Chronos you’ll gain access to true specialist expertise - Chronos Technology

Make sure your operational technology and global positioning applications never under-perform due to timing, synchronisation or GNSS 1 GNSS = Global Navigation Satellite System  inaccuracies.

When you work with Chronos you’ll gain access to true specialist expertise – with over 35 years’ experience of providing timing and GNSS services across a wide range of industries, all around the world.

Indeed, with Chronos, you can call on arguably the most experienced and knowledgeable team in the world for sync and timing. From the initial planning stages to implementation, and throughout the lifetime of your application, you’ll get everything you need to ensure success.

You can maintain your global operations effectively, with 24/7 telephone support and typically same-day hardware despatch. Indeed, we can even help you migrate to new hardware when your existing equipment reaches the end of its life, ensuring maximum return on investment.

And – for businesses in Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK – you can gain access to products from Microchip, the world’s leading provider of smart, connected and secure embedded control solutions.

Maintain your global operations effectively

Knowledge Sharing Services

Through Chronos, you can receive advanced instruction on timing and synchronisation. From our Synchronisation MasterClass, through training on Sync Testing and the products we sell, you can become true experts.

Cyber Security

Chronos can help you reduce the risk and consequences of your applications being affected by GNSS cyber-attack. You can implement more secure network designs and hardware. And you can use security and sync audits to identify irregularities as quickly as possible.

Maintaining Resilience

You can also enjoy complete peace of mind with Chronos. Our rich expertise and speed of response mean that any synch or GNSS signal problems can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Secure, Reliable and Traceable Timing Services

Delivering Secure, Reliable and Traceable Timing Services for Data Centres and Financial Institutions. Secure, reliable, and traceable timing services…

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GNSS Cyber Security Audits

Get the expert help you need to build effective cyber security strategies and mitigation plans, so your critical technology…

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Knowledge & Consultancy

Work with the organisation whose sync experts can bring over 35 years’ specialist timing and synchronisation experience to your…

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Get your precision GNSS timing equipment installed by Chronos specialists with extensive experience and the knowledge you need to ensure success Routing GNSS signals…

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MiFID II Timing Services

MiFID II regulations require that suitable reportable event timestamp accuracies are achieved relative to UTC Therefore the  requirement exists…

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Ensure your operational technology always runs at peak performance, and keep the hassle and expense of any unavoidable downtime…

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Support for your end-of-life telecoms equipment Extending the life of your legacy equipment Chronos Technology has been supplying synchronisation and…

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Specialists to serve you

You’ll find world leading engineers with technologies to match at Chronos.
Our specialists and experts, from CEO down, are dedicated to ensuring you get the best of everything, especially value