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We’re highly experienced in modern IEC 61850 1 IEC 61850 is an international standard that defines communication protocols for intelligent electronic devices used in the energy sector. communications, as well as sync and timing solutions that use IEEE 1588 PTP 2 IEEE 1588 PTP (Precise Time Protocol) specifies standards for delivering highly precise timekeeping via ethernet. , and the more traditional NTP 3 NTP = Network Time Protocol provides networking standards for timing synchronisation via packet-switched, variable-latency data networks. and IRIG-8 4 IRIG-B = Inter-Range Instrumentation Group timecodes, which are standard formats for transferring precise time synchronisation, with IRIG-B widely used by electric utilities.  formats.

Timing has become much more important in the energy sector now that one-directional power supply is a thing of the past. Today’s Smart Grids need highly accurate timing to be able to also handle inbound electricity coming from private sources.

Super-fast communication between power plants and sub-stations is a key requirement. The ability to measure time in increments as small as a nanosecond (1ns = thousand millionth of a second) is vital for efficient monitoring, phasor measurement, resiliency and overall control.

Likewise, Smart Grid communications between energy substations – and equipment within those substations – requires time stamping in the order of 1 microsecond (1µs = millionth of a second) for applications like wide area phasor monitoring and sampled value process buses.

Chronos can help you achieve these timing and synchronisation challenges with the minimum of hassle.

Precision Anywhere

Maintain time to within hundreds of nanoseconds of UTC 5 UTC = Coordinated Universal Time. despite being disconnected from both GPS 6 GPS = Global Positioning System.  and external power sources with TimePort.

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Strengthen your team with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced people on timing and synchronisation technologies within the energy sector.