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Gain the knowledge you need to manage timing and synchronisation for yourself - Chronos Technology

Gain the knowledge you need to manage timing and synchronisation for yourself across all your operational technology

In addition to our flagship Synchronisation MasterClass, Chronos provides a comprehensive yet flexible array of training options to suit your needs. From instruction on the products we sell to courses on Sync Testing, and much more, we can help you become truly expert.

You can get hands-on Chronos training for our portfolio of products, tailored to your specific requirements, whether for hardware or software.

During hardware sessions, you’ll receive an introduction to synchronisation, a detailed explanation of the product, plus practical demonstrations and hands-on activities. These are usually one-day courses per device, but you can also combine products within sessions and build the training around your own needs.

Training courses for management software typically start with an analysis of the main elements of your network, and then demonstrate how everything should work for you. You’ll learn how to interrogate and configure your specific network elements. And you’ll also run through common management tasks, like administering users and network elements, configuring alarms, and so on.

Chronos Technology Training Courses

Sync Testing

You can find out how to run your own sync tests so you can prevent timing errors with existing technology, test new equipment, and monitor performance across your network. You can also learn how to use Microchip’s TimeMonitor software, which is a synchronisation and timing analysis system.

Other Sync Courses

You can refresh your knowledge of timing and synchronisation with our Sync Technology Update course, which will bring you right up to date on technology advances and thinking. You can also attend our One Day Sync Course, which is a tailored version of the Synchronisation MasterClass.

Knowledge Built Around You

Chronos can also work with you to design courses and workshops that give your people exactly what they need.

The Chronos Difference

Gain the most up-to-date knowledge and best practice advice from an organisation that’s at the forefront of timing and synchronisation. Please contact our team for further information.

Specialists to serve you

You’ll find world leading engineers with technologies to match at Chronos.
Our specialists and experts, from CEO down, are dedicated to ensuring you get the best of everything, especially value