Timing for Manufacturing Applications - Chronos Technology

As intelligent technology becomes more and more commonplace in manufacturing processes, make sure you can keep pace and stay competitive

The latest applications require highly precise timing and synchronisation capabilities. An increased number of data sources and widespread digital process automation mean that much more is happening, much more quickly. Your legacy real-time systems are now migrating to the use of ethernet and time-sensitive networking. Timing systems have to keep up.

Chronos can help you deploy fully bespoke timing systems, based on GNSS 1 GNSS = Global Navigation Satellite System. . You can detail your requirements through our design-in service and get exactly what you need.

Services include accurate time base, laboratory GNSS distribution, frequency distribution and measurement, customer application boards, and OEM integration packs. You can also get help integrating multiple types of system, such as fibre optic time distribution for specialist applications.

Moreover, we can help you implement the very latest IoT 2 IoT = Internet of Things.  technologies, so you can capture more data and use that data in intelligent new ways.

UCentric from MIT Technology

Use this smart technology platform to analyse all your operational data in one place. Unlock critical insights from your data, and find new relationships to help you improve efficiency.

Save Time and Reduce Costs

Use GPS repeaters so that you can bring GNSS 3 GPS = Global Navigation Satellite Systems. signals indoors to perform R&D, product inspection and testing, maintenance applications and much more without having to leave the production line.

The Chronos Difference

Take advantage of our long experience in timing and synchronisation, as well as our outstanding expertise in installing and managing technology systems.