Chronos successfully partners with Tekron, now part of the Microchip family, delivering a new generation of GNSS clocks to deliver PTP based timing for smart grid applications whilst maintaining support for legacy time signals and codes.


Smart Grid

The NTS 02 and 03 devices deliver timing via multiple Ethernet ports via NTP and PTP, including support for PRP in IEC 61850 deployments. Applications include smart grid / smart substations, electricity distribution, transmission, and generation protection. This ruggedised platform supports multiple power input ranges and delivers Ethernet and legacy outputs via fibre and copper.


The TCG and TTM devices can use both GPS and Glonass to deliver a wide array of timing signals over copper and fibre, with the option of NTP and PTP. NTS synchronises multiple IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) within a network, including protection relays, synchrophasors, event recording and remote telemetry units to enable accurate time stamping.