Chronos’ expertise in supplying and installing timing networks in fixed and mobile carrier networks can be deployed in datacentres, financial institutions, test and measurement and metrology laboratories.

Built around the same timing engine as the TimeProvider 4100, the SyncServer S600 and S650 can deliver world leading performance as NTP Server or PTP Grandmaster, with the addition of being able to serve and measure a wide range of time signals, pulses and frequencies.

The Chronos difference

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Financial Institutions

The EU MiFID II regulations place a responsibility on financial institutions to ensure reliable and traceable time is available as appropriate in its trading engines, and further that you can demonstrate that your timing network is fit for this purpose and to periodically audit its performance.

Chronos can deploy and support projects from single SyncServers delivering NTP and NTP at a site, to a country wide or even worldwide timing network based around Microchip’s vPRTC technologies for a resilient and autonomous timing system.

Furthermore we can assist in designing a delivery system from these master clocks to the trading engines; verify and comment upon exiting timing networks, and review and physically audit these timing networks or an annual or more frequent basis.


Many tenants in a datacentre will require timing services, and traditionally datacentres have allowed tenants to install GNSS antenna systems. This does however lead to a very cluttered rooftop, and a GNSS failure of one system could have a negative impact on many other antennas in its vicinity.

The use of the roof is of course a decent revenue stream, but equally a time service to tenants would maintain or even increase this revenue stream, drastically reduce the rooftop clutter and its associated problems, and even afford the opportunity to build a robust multi-site timing network using Microchip’s vPRTC technologies.

Test and Metrology

The SyncServer S650 offers frequency, pulse and time code inputs and outputs in addition to NTP and PTP services; including Low and Ultra Low Phase Noise sine wave outputs for applications using frequency doubling.