Chronos are world leaders in synchronisation and timing

Chronos Technology is a name you will have heard of before

Since 1986, Chronos has been at the forefront of developments in synchronisation and timing technologies. Valued and trusted by customers, followed by competitors and respected and admired by the industry, Chronos has led the way.

Our Founder and Chair, Charles Curry, has been a leading light in the sync and timing industry: a keynote speaker at events, he is sought after for his knowledge, vision, experience and ideas.

Charles Curry built a team of deep specialists which continues to grow , with expertise that stretches beyond sync and timing into the associated fields of GNSS, Cyber Security and Smart technologies. Chronos is now an employee-owned company.

Chronos has been at the heart of developments, as the requirements of synchronisation and timing solutions have changed to serve new and emerging technologies in growing industries.

The Chronos difference

is clear: it’s where you come to find the leading specialists and experts, offering the finest consulting and advice backed by the best service and value, with products and support to match.

Our values – what they mean to you

Our values have been established since Charles Curry, Founder in 1986 and still CEO, started developing new technologies to support customers looking for a better quality of supplier. They underpin everything we do for you, and our adherence to them is your guarantee of a successful relationship:

Quality without compromise

You will always get the highest quality support, consulting, products and systems from us.

Value without concession

You will always get the best value from us, whether it be for products or systems, design or installation, service or maintenance, end-of-life or replacement.

Service without question

You can depend on our service to you, which will always be supplied without question and to your satisfaction.

Innovation without limit

You will receive new and cutting-edge products and systems from us, if that is what is required to achieve your objectives.

Our Company

You can call on us for deep knowledge and expertise on Global Navigation Satellite Solutions (GNSS), Precision Time Protocol…

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Our suppliers

All our suppliers are hand-picked. They have been chosen because we consider them to offer the best products, best…

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Associate Organisations

We are members of several industry forums including synchronisation & timing standards bodies setting the standards for synchronisation and…

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Expertise you can rely on

Our Team will ensure that you get the latest technologies, the finest products and the best service.

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