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Join our Sync MasterClass to understand how Synchronisation & Timing are mission critical - Chronos Technology

Join our Sync MasterClass to understand how Synchronisation & Timing are mission critical

Accurate and traceable time, frequency & phase are increasingly important fundamental enablers of all modern technologies.

Just as 5G introduced new concepts and new network architectures that have had huge impacts on core, transport and radio network design, other sectors such as power-distribution, financial services, broadcast and automotive are seeing timing & synchronisation accuracy requirements become ever more challenging to support new and enhanced services.

Join our Sync MasterClass to discover exactly what the state-of-the-art is and the inter-dependencies in all areas of timing & synchronisation.

  • How will virtualisation and network slicing affect delivery and consumption of sync?
  • How will RAN functional decomposition change the requirements at the edge?
  • Do cloud-based services and data centres require a sync upgrade?
  • Should you be worried about relying on GNSS signals for time? What exactly are the risks?

If you are in the early stages of rolling out new technologies, timing and synchronisation options should be at the centre of architecture discussions. A recent survey found “Quality 5G Timing & Synchronisation” to be the most important requirement in switch/router hardware.

  • Can your existing network hardware provide full on-path support for PTP & SyncE?
  • Does your reference source need upgrading to be an ePRTC?
  • Is your network hardware or service provider fully resilient to GNSS interference?
  • Should you be implementing the new recommendations on PTP security?

The next course taking place at Stowfield House is 11 & 12 October 2023.

Useful Information

Course Details

The MasterClass course can be tailored to meet specific client needs, but will include the following essential elements:

  • Introduction to Synchronisation
  • Fundamental Concepts: Frequency, Phase, Time, Oscillators & Phase Locked Loops
  • Sources of time & frequency: Atomic clocks, UTC, GNSS & LF radio systems
  • Synchronisation Elements: clock sources, network clocks and distribution techniques
  • Standards: relevant requirements from the ITU, ETSI, IETF & IEEE
  • Quality Metrics & Testing: test equipment & what/when to measure
  • Networks: Time & Phase Synchronisation
  • Core Networks: SyncE, SDH & DWDM
  • Core Networks: Packed based Synchronisation NTP, PTPv2 and others
  • Enterprise & Datacenter Synchronisation
  • Leased Line & Access Networks
  • Mobile Networks including 5G
  • Architecture & Planning
Prior Knowledge

It is assumed that attendees have some basic understanding of telecommunications transmission & networking. An overview of some core networking technologies such as SDH, PDH or DWDM / OTN would be beneficial.

The course is suitable for:

  • Sales and bid preparation staff
  • Network planners and architects
  • Engineers and technicians
  • Operations and maintenance staff
  • Customer liaison staff
  • Network management staff
  • Senior line management of staff involved with sync issues

The course cost includes:

Refreshments and lunch on days one and two

Dinner day one (The Speech House, Coleford)

Folder with course notes


Delegates generally stay at The Speech House, Coleford. Accommodation is not included in the cost of the course, however, the Chronos corporate rate applies.

Alternative Accommodation

There are a number of alternative hotels in the Ross-on-Wye area. Click on this link to view them.

The Chronos difference

Chronos has delivered its industry leading Synchronisation MasterClass to more than 1,700 UK and overseas manufacturers and operators since 1999. Contact us to register your interest in attending a course or to arrange in-house sessions tailored to your requirements.

"After the Sync MasterClass we started measuring our mobile network and quite soon found the cause of problems for poor handover and missed calls in the network. We subsequently attended a sync course delivered by another company. I have to say that the Chronos Synchronisation MasterClass is the one to choose." Tomas Johansson Transmission Engineer, Banverket HK, Railway Communication Section (Sweden)

Case Study

Chris spoke with authority, knowledge and confidence on all subjects be those sync or telecoms based. The Best Course I have Ever Attended

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