Cesium Frequency References

Microchip’s cesium time and frequency references are the most accurate commercial atomic clocks available. Microchip’s state-of-the-art facilities manufacture cesium references with accuracies as low as 5E−13, with no systemic frequency drift during the operational life of the unit and no need for calibration. Cesium frequency references are widely deployed as the primary source of time and frequency in a broad range of applications, including timing and metrology, defence, Position Navigation and Timing (PNT) systems, telecommunications, data centres and critical infrastructure.

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

UTC is the global standard for the time of day. It is used to synchronise power grids, mobile phone networks and satellite communications across the world. The time is created by a weighted average of approximately 400 atomic clocks located around the global. In the June 2022 UTC report (Circular T), Microchip had 226 cesium clocks contributing to UTC, representing 99% of all cesium clocks in the ensemble.

The Chronos difference

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