Many test and measurement environments need an appropriate time and frequency standard, or the ability to embed a frequency standard into their environment.

Chronos can supply world leading time and frequency distribution solutions ranging from traceable standards to PCIe cards for deployment in workstations, Hydrogen Masers to wearable Chip Scale Atomic Clocks.

The Chronos difference

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Hydrogen Maser 

Microchip supplies the most widely installed active Hydrogen Masers in the world. Capable of achieving <3 × 10-16 daily drift rates along with superb environmental stability, to satisfy applications requiring extreme frequency stability and low phase noise. 95% of all Masers built at Microchip’s dedicated facility since 1999 are still in operation. 

Atomic Clocks 

Caesium beam frequency and time standard instruments from Microchip meet the most stringent requirements demanded by commercial, military and space applications. For three decades the legacy of reliability makes the 5071A the preferred choice in the critical time or frequency systems found in telecommunications timing, calibration and metrology laboratories, satellite tracking stations and spaced-based master time standards.

As the inventors of the commercial Rubidium atomic clock, some 80% of all atomic clocks deployed across the world are Microchip clocks; whether embedded in systems, such as the Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC-SA5x) or delivered as a system clock like the 8040C.

Many flexible and high-performance distribution amplifiers can also be deployed alongside these system clocks.