Protect the accuracy of your timing and synchronisation with effective cyber security – and so harden and protect the integrity of your operations.

Most modern timing systems rely on signals from Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), such as GPS or GLONASS, for accuracy. Moreover, many other industrial and government applications also rely on these signals for positioning. Yet GNSS signals are low-power by design, making them vulnerable to jamming and spoofing.

That means you need effective detection and contingency plans to prevent operational disruption.

Indeed, deliberate cyber-attacks on critical strategic infrastructure are on the rise – whether it’s malevolent spoofing of GNSS at the state level, or signal jamming that’s often simply caused by human error.

A sophisticated spoofing attack can gradually introduce small and subtle timing errors into your networks – beating detection algorithms and creating potential points of failure in your systems. Sustained signal jams, while easier to detect, can also cause problems if there’s a lack of resilience in your network.

Critical Applications

GPS and cyber security is especially important if you’re responsible for:

Critical national infrastructure such as power, broadcast, finance, telecoms or government systems.
Industrial applications where timing and sync distortion could lead to lengthy or expensive outages.
Infrastructure where risk to life increases from failure.

The Chronos difference

You can gain access to all the tools and expertise you need to prevent GNSS disruption, and to make your operations as resilient as possible.


Cyber Security Audit Services

Performing effective cyber security audits can help you better understand the threats you face. You can use a cyber security audit to consider how GNSS GPS signals are used in your applications, and then also simulate multiple scenarios.

GPS Repeating

Moreover, you can also rethink your operational infrastructure, using GPS repeater and other technologies to provide accurate satellite signals indoors and underground.