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An increasing number of manufacturers are moving towards Smart Factories to gain considerable advantage in terms of productivity, efficiency, quality, and flexibility. With an estimated Return on Investment (ROI) in 4-6 weeks, a GPS repeater is an excellent investment to improve efficiencies, quality and save costs on production/assembly lines where there is a need to test GPS systems.  For over 35 years Chronos has been designing and installing GPS repeater solutions for various industries, helping our customers to boost operational efficiency and workforce productivity and work towards Smart Manufacturing status.

Examples of Chronos GPS Repeating Installations

  • Chronos designed and installed a GPS repeating system to test next generation infotainment systems and vehicle tracking to improve efficiencies in a high-end car manufacturer’s production line and R&D area.  The installation, which took place during the annual shut down to avoid disruption and loss of production, dramatically improved quality and productivity. The company had previously tested the infotainment systems once vehicles had been manufactured during the test drive.  This resulted in any rectification work being performed on a completed vehicle.
  • Efficiencies for a manufacturer of antennas for precision agriculture were greatly improved following the installation of a GPS repeater in their production facility enabling full testing and any necessary rectifications to take place prior to shipping the antennas to customers.
  • A manufacturer of vehicle tracking systems wanted to test their products prior to shipping to end customers and effectively achieved this with a GPS repeater solution designed and installed by Chronos in their facility.
  • Chronos installed a repeater system for a company who produce tracking devices for the marine industry and wanted to bring GPS inside their facility to test the functionality of their devices on the production line. The solution optimised the manufacturing process and improved product quality.
  • A company manufacturing smart lamp posts with GPS receivers experienced an immediate improvement in efficiencies and productivity following a Chronos GPS repeater installation enabling testing on the production line.
  • A world leading digital industrial company contacted Chronos to supply and install GPS repeaters in their R&D facilities for end of line testing in two brand new state-of-the-art Smart Manufacturing facilities.

The Chronos Difference

You get access to unrivalled knowledge and experience in the supply and installation of GPS repeater solutions around the world. Chronos GPS Repeater solutions