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GNSS Security Critical National Infrastructure

GNSS revolutionised the world with its ability to provide an accurate, reliable and cost-effective Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) service with global coverage. Its rapid adoption and widespread proliferation enhances our way of life but has also led to a dependency on GNSS to maintain that way of life. Critical Infrastructure sectors such as fixed and mobile networks, power grids, data centres and emergency services are now highly dependent on PNT information delivered by GNSS.

GNSS is susceptible to interruptions which can be either unintentional or intention. Adversaries may attempt to disrupt PNT solutions derived from GNSS in one of two ways:

  • Spoofing, which makes GPS receiver calculate a false position
  • Jamming, which overpowers GPS satellite signals locally so that a receiver can no longer operate

BlueSky GNSS Firewall provides real-time protection against a wide range of these types of threat by providing protection by monitoring the data contained within the GNSS signals along with the GNSS signal characteristics coming directly from the GNSS antenna before the GNSS signal reaches the downstream receivers. When a GNSS incident is detected, the BlueSky GNSS Firewall alerts users of the condition and takes appropriate action to prevent the GNSS signal from propagating downstream, effectively creating the BlueSky environment for users regardless of current live-sky GNSS conditions.

Secure Firewall Overlay

Microchip’s BlueSky GNSS Firewall solves the problem of protecting already deployed systems by providing a cost-effective over-lay solution installed between existing GNSS antennas and GNSS systems.

Read more in Microchip’s White Paper.