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Join our Sync MasterClass to understand how Synchronisation & Timing are mission critical - Chronos Technology

Chronos Synchronisation MasterClass

18-19 September 2024

The next session of our industry leading Synchronisation and Timing event will take place at Stowfield House 28-29 February 2024.  Delivered by Chris Farrow, the Chronos Synchronisation MasterClass covers all things sync and timing in communication networks including quality 5G timing and sync requirements.

Time is an invisible utility. Accurate and traceable time, frequency & phase are becoming increasingly important fundamental enablers of all modern technologies.

As 5G is rolled out and 6G is being defined, new concepts and new network architectures have had huge impacts on core, transport and radio network design. These impacts have included much more stringent time-alignment requirements towards the edge of the network which have lead to the increased use of an array of synchronisation techniques.  To support new and enhanced services, other sectors such as power-distribution, financial services, data-centres, broadcast and automotive are seeing timing and synchronisation accuracy requirements become ever more challenging.

The Chronos Synchronisation MasterClass illustrates exactly what the state-of-the-art is and highlights the inter-dependencies in all areas of timing & synchronisation. Covering all aspects of time, phase & frequency generation, distribution & consumption the 2-day course covers everything from fundamental principles right up to the latest technological challenges faced by virtualisation & quantum technologies.

Physical and packet-layer techniques covered include SyncE, NTP, PTP and their application in power-systems, data-centres, 5G & fixed networks. The latest standards from the ITU, IEEE, IEC and the IETF are covered along with examples of existing network architectures.

Courses are held regularly at Chronos’ HQ in the UK or Chronos can come to you and deliver the course at your location.

Book your place on the next course at Stowfield House on 18 & 19 September 2024.

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