Chronos TimePort

Product Information

Portable Time Measurement

The Chronos TimePort device enables time measurement or calibration at less than 5% of the power, weight and size of transportable atomic clocks and removes the need to provision new or additional GNSS cables. Low power and light weight, the handheld device maintains time to within hundreds of nanoseconds of UTC 1 UTC = Coordinated Universal Time despite being disconnected from both GNSS and an external power source.

Transporting Time Deep into GPS Denied Areas

Conventional methods to calibrate time involve transporting a very heavy Cesium atomic clock or running a GNSS cable from a convenient outside location into the equipment room and using other test equipment. The portable TimePort device can transport GNSS based timing accuracy into sky deprived areas deep in data centres.

Typical users of this time service are banking and other financial institutions, 4 and 5G mobile operators, fixed line telecom operators, power generation and transmission distribution, and water and gas utilities where time delay errors caused by cables, equipment and networks must be quantified and removed to enable services to operate effectively.

Microchip CSAC Atomic Clock Technology

Built on the world’s first commercially available CSAC 2 CSAC = Chip Scale Atomic Clock , TimePort can act as a PTP 3 PTP = Precision Time Protocol or NTP 4 NTP = Network Time Protocol server and measure a signal with respect to its GNSS time base.

The Chronos difference

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