GPS Coverage Underground

GPS Coverage Underground

Product Information

Track the location of any standard GNSS 1 GNSS = Global Navigation Satellite System. device underground – even down long tunnels – to support your security, maintenance and other operations.

With a Chronos deployment of Syntony SubWAVE you can benefit from underground GPS 2 GPS = Global Positioning System. coverage areas, with accuracy of up to two metres using a standard smartphone.

Indeed, any equipment with a standard GNSS chipset will be able to function as normal – including smartphones, TETRA devices, future Emergency Services Network handsets, and so on. No new handsets, receivers or special applications are necessary.

And it works pretty much anywhere – including subways, metros, underground car parks, airports, bus stations, tunnels, and other subterranean locations – and emits a perfect emulation of the original GNSS signal via leaky feeder cables.

Security Applications

You can locate the position of people much more easily, helping you react more quickly in emergency situations. Moreover, you can also keep track of isolated staff who, in turn, will be able to find their way more easily and avoid collisions with tracked vehicles.

Facilities Management

Your maintenance inspectors and workers can create accurate location stamps, even down the longest tunnels, indicating where work is required or has been completed. You can also keep track of hardware assets, including equipment and vehicles.

Service Management

You can monitor rolling stock on transport networks. You can provide notifications based on location. And you can enable location-based IoT 3 IoT = Internet of Things applications, tracking how frequently underground areas are used.

The Chronos difference

Contact our team today to discuss how the groundbreaking Syntony SubWAVE solution can provide 100% GPS GNSS coverage in subterranean locations.