ViaLiteHD 3U Rack Chassis

ViaLite HD 3U Chassis

Product Information

RF Signals Over Fibre

The ViaLiteHD 3U Chassis accepts up to 13 ViaLiteHD RF data modules (up to 26 links) plus an SNMP card and two power supplies. The chassis design uses an integrated backplane for connectivity. All ViaLite modules are hot swappable and can be combined with blind mate connectivity and/or redundancy to ensure almost zero downtime.

ViaLiteHD provides innovative solutions to problems encountered with the transport, monitoring and control of RF signals across a range of sites and installations. The latest generation of ViaLite RF over fibre technology, ViaLiteHD rack cards are compatible with all other ViaLite links including modules and ViaLite Classic cards and modules. However, ViaLiteHD rack cards do require a ViaLiteHD chassis.

A ViaLiteHD rack chassis is equipped with two 100W dual redundant power supplies and either a summary alarm card or an SNMP network control module. Each ViaLiteHD chassis will accept up to 13 rack cards. Since dual cards are available in ViaLiteHD

Please see the Datasheets tab for a list of available RF and support cards in the ViaLiteHD range.

The Chronos difference

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Key Features

  • Accepts up to 13 RF or Support cards, plus an SNMP card and dual power supplies
  • Up to 26 channels per 3U chassis (using dual RF cards) – reducing the amount of rack space required
  • Blind mate option
  • All modules hot-swappable
  • On-card LNB and BUC power options
  • Power fed through rear chassis connector to card Bias Tees
  • System can be monitored and controlled remotely via SNMP, using a web browser
  • 5 year warranty