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Product Information

Advanced Synchronisation Performance Analysis Tool

Microchip’s TimeMonitor Synchronisation Analysis Tool software is designed to import and analyse synchronisation measurement data from various sources, evaluating network synchronisations’ health. It aggregates data from dedicated jitter/wander tests worldwide, GNSS/GPS, Synchronisation Supply Unit (SSU), Building Integrated Timing Supply (BITS) equipment, packet timing data (using timestamped NTP or IEEE® 1588 packets), and counters via the TimeMonitor Measurement application.
The software offers extensive and flexible analysis capabilities, allowing overlay of phase, frequency, Maximum Time Interval Error (MTIE), Time Deviation (TDEV), Allan Deviation (ADEV), and Modified Allan Deviation (MDEV) results on a single graph. Users can conduct Fast Fourier Transforms (FFTs), histograms, statistical analyses, and compute frequencies in seven different ways.

Moreover, the application supports multiple vendors, enabling data import from various industry-standard jitter/wander test equipment. Users benefit from customisable display options and comprehensive online help for guidance on analysis algorithms.

TimeMonitor Suite

The TimeMonitor suite comprises several applications tailored for different functionalities:

TimeMonitor Analyser Application: Imports and analyses synchronisation measurement data from diverse sources, supporting multiple vendors, signal capabilities, and analysis options. It is compliant with ITU-T, ETSI, ANSI, and Telcordia requirements and interoperates with TimePictra®, TimeCraft, and all TimeMonitor applications.

TimeMonitor Measurement Application: Conducts cost-effective multiple-channel synchronisation measurements using off-the-shelf counters, with live phase/frequency display, and measures jitter and wander with portable counters.

TimeMonitor Retrieve Application: Collects live or archived measurement data from synchronisation equipment, supporting TimeProvider servers, Synchronisation Supply Unit (SSU) 2000, and TimeHub® 5500 system.

TimeMonitor XLi Application: Performs XLi PPS or 1/5/10 MHz measurements with live phase/frequency display.

TimeMonitor PDV Application: Conducts Packet Delay Variation (PDV) IEEE 1588 PTP probe measurements using the TimeProvider 5000 server.

TimeMonitor TSC Application: Conducts live phase, phase noise, or ADEV measurements remotely using the TSC 5115A/5120A test set.

TimeMonitor Viewer: A companion application for viewing TimeProvider 4100 server data, available separately.

Furthermore, the TimeMonitor software’s hardware specifications include compatibility with Windows® 10, 2 GB or higher RAM, 25 GB or higher hard disk space, and XGA display with a minimum resolution of 1024 × 768.


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Key Features

  • Multiple signal analysis and measurement capability
  • Extensive and flexible analysis capability
  • Packet timing analysis (NTP, IEEE 1588/PTP)
  • Multiple vendor test equipment data files support
  • Source measurement equipment includes 53100A Phase Noise Analyzer, MeasDB TimeScale and TimeProvider® 4100 server monitoring